2017 Schedule of Events

LET’S TALK.  Each project we take on is unique.  From systems, to people, to process.  We pride ourselves in our ability to adapt our expertise to best meet our client’s individual requirements.  That’s why we also look for ways to meet face to face, or provide educational opportunities where ideas can be exchanged.  Please join us for the events below, invite us to your facility to chat when we are in town, or call us for a conversation.  480-346-7011

We hope to see you in 2017:


Next Webinar is scheduled for:  Tuesday October 24th – IQ, OQ, PQ – the 3 Pillars of Validation. Read More

Presenter: Suzanne H. Butch, Michigan Medicine, Department of Pathology


Detroit, MI – September 19th-22nd

Minneapolis, MN – September 27th-29th

San Diego, CA – October 7th-10th

Robin will be on the road checking in on current projects and visiting clients, if you are in the area and would like to set up a quick visit (or long meeting) please call us at 480-346-7011 or email Robin directly at rnozick@bcsolutionsrfn.com


Michigan Association of Blood Banks – 63rd Annual Scientific Meeting

Livonia, MI –  September 20th-21st

Minnesota Association of Blood Banks – Annual Fall Conference

Minneapolis, MN – September 28th

AABB Annual Meeting

San Diego, CA – October 7th-10th

Sunquest Information Systems Announces Release of Sunquest Laboratory v8.0

Sunquest has released v8.0 and we have started scheduling upgrade validations for clients with Sunquest.
Call our team of Validation Specialist with any questions as your team starts to make plans.

Press Release from Sunquest: New version includes significant enhancements to Sunquest Blood Bank

Tucson, Ariz., May 12, 2016 — Sunquest Information Systems Inc. today announced the general release of Sunquest LaboratoryTM v8.0.

Sunquest is the market leader for laboratory software, blood banking and transfusion services, and specimen collection and management. Sunquest Laboratory 8.0 enables laboratory and blood banking excellence by supporting multi-disciplinary, multi-site laboratories with state-of the art software designed to improve diagnostic capabilities, optimize laboratory operations and reduce medical errors. As part of the FDA-cleared Sunquest Laboratory 8.0, blood banking administration becomes easier than ever before with improved integration to enterprise EHRs, better blood unit tracking and emergency release capabilities, which enable blood banking administration in wide-spread trauma situations.

“At Sunquest, we are making healthcare smarter and patients safer when our clients use our software,” said Matthew Hawkins, president of Sunquest. “Sunquest Laboratory 8.0 is a great example of our commitment to improving healthcare. Labs play a central role in ensuring correct diagnoses, reducing medical errors, and managing transfusion and blood management services. Our clients’ capabilities improve significantly when using Sunquest solutions such as Sunquest Lab 8.0, the most intuitive and elegant laboratory and blood bank application in the world. Sunquest Lab 8.0 improves our clients’ ability to care for patients safely and cost-effectively, while integrating fully to hospital EHR solutions.”

Sunquest Laboratory 8.0 also helps laboratories demonstrate value to the health system in three important ways:
1)    Real return on investment, with faster payback period and lower total cost of ownership than other competing solutions
2)    Reduced test turnaround times, which impact important metrics such as, hospital length of stay (LOS)
3)    Correct diagnoses, which impact patient safety, patient outcomes and hospital readmission rates

Sunquest Laboratory v8.0 will be featured at the Sunquest User Group Conference in July in Tucson, Ariz. For more information about the product release, please email info@sunquestinfo.com.

HIMSS 2016 Conference – Las Vegas

 Join us for a game of 52 card pick-up

HHIMSS-2016IMSS 2016 is just two weeks away.  Time to start planning which educational sessions, networking events and vendor exhibits you want to visit.  Each day will be packed full with things to do, not to mention…those Las Vegas nights!  Keeping your energy up will be important, so we’d like to play a little game of 52 card pick up…to help pick you up.  #52cardpickYOUup

Look for these cards while you’re at #HIMSS16. Find one and we will #52cardpickYOUup with a $10 Starbucks gift card.

Our team will scatter a deck of cards throughout the conference.  You never know where you’ll find one, or who might pass one your way.  Once you hold the card, just tweet a picture of it to @BCSolutionsAZ #HIMSS16 and we’ll get you a $10 Starbucks gift card to help pick you up and keep you going.

We are looking forward to the week at HIMSS, and hope that what happens in Vegas this time is taken all over the world to help educate and improve Health Care for everyone.

BC Solutions, LLC.  – Experts in Laboratory Information Systems. Bringing Clinical Knowledge, Compliance, and focus on Patient Safety to your next project.


BC Solutions, LLC Announces Epic EpicCare Procedure Orders Certification

PHOENIX, AZ–(Marketwired – Nov 8, 2013) – BC Solutions, LLC, formerly R.F. Nozick and Associates, the leader in clinical laboratory compliance validation services, is proud to announce the addition of analysts who have completed training and are now designated “Certified in Epic EpicCare Procedure Orders.” For the past 24 months, BC Solutions has been performing Map Records Testing (MRT) of lab orders to Epic EMR (Electronic Medical Records) for multiple customer sites. This certification enables BC Solutions to engage with clients much earlier in their EMR implementation cycle which increases accuracy and efficiency to their LIS systems and dramatically reduces time and cost to clients.

When building an EMR system, it is important that certified, skilled laboratory personnel be involved early in the process to ensure complex lab orders are built correctly and match the specific test being performed. Bill Daly, BC Solutions’ CEO and General Manager, acknowledges the addition of “Epic Consulting Services” as a valuable strength to the battery of services they provide to their clients. “Our clients have come to expect, knowledgeable expert advice from our consultants and this certification adds significantly to that knowledge base.”

What slips through the cracks can add up – 5 tips for Preventing Lost Revenue in your Lab

We live in an ever changing world, and the laboratory is no exception. Constraints on time, staff and training can make it difficult to stay ahead of the day-to-day demands while staying on top of changes that occur.

Here are 5 things you can do to insure that your Laboratory Revenue isn’t one of the things that changes – for the worse.

Keep your Laboratory Chargemaster up to date.

Tests offered by your laboratory can change over time. As test volumes change, high volume send outs become in-house tests and the low volume in-house test may change to send out. The addition or deletion of services offered at the facility often find the laboratory shifting tests as well. All of these changes need to be reflected in the Lab Chargemaster.

Review your Chargemaster(s) and billing tables on a regular basis. 

CPT codes are updated every October, make this your trigger for annual Chargemaster review. Review charge descriptions, CPT and HCPCS codes, revenue codes, charge dollar amount, department and internal billing codes as well as any appropriate lab specific information.

Compare your Lab Chargemaster to the Facility Chargemaster.

If any discrepancies are noted, work with the billing department to get them corrected. Ensure updates made on the Hospital financial side are documented and the appropriate updates or changes are made to the Lab chargemaster as well as the LIS billing tables. Always test to make sure they are working as expected.

Perform ‘round trip’ testing between LIS and HIS billing. (Laboratory and Hospital Information Systems)

Make sure to test any table changes or updates. The LIS may show that it is sending a billing charge to the HIS billing system, but that does not ensure everything is working correctly. The charge needs to make it from the LIS through the interface and file into the HIS billing system. Ensure all automatic charges are filing and posting correctly in HIS billing system.

Create an audit schedule for your manual billing and manual and automatic credit processes.

Because manual billing processes are less commonly utilized, they tend to slip through the cracks.  Test these processes to make sure they are posting in the HIS billing system as expected. Review charges are still valid given changes to reimbursement schedules. This review should be applied to credits as well. If your credits are applied automatically in the LIS, include them in the audit to make sure they are issuing correctly. Don’t forget to test your manual credit process.  As with charges, credits needs to make the round trip from the LIS through the interface and file into the HIS billing system without error. Ensure that all credits are filing and posting correctly in HIS billing system.

Time and resources are often limited, but this area of testing can literally pay for itself.  Finding issues and creating a system to prevent future problems can ensure that Laboratory Revenue stays in the Lab.  For more information about Billing Testing services provided by BC Solutions, please visit our website www.bcsolutionsrfn.com or call Rob Weatherford at (480) 346-7011.


Making Friends (and a Buddy) at the 2014 AABB Annual Meeting

Buddy had a great time at AABB 2014!

What a weekend it was! This year’s AABB (Twitter: @AABB) Annual Meeting & Expo ran October 25 to October 28 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Nearly 6,500 attendees from six continents were there, learning and sharing all about blood banking.  A wide variety of meeting sessions were available to attendees, including “IT Technology Talk for Techs”, and informative 3-part talk.  The first part was about defining software requirements, and was led by Rodeina Davis, BSC, a strategic consultant and past recipient of the AABB President’s Award.  She advised that the software selection process should be collaborative, and that the decision should be made by a multi-functional project team brought together solely for the selection.  She also explained that an organization can often benefit from a wide variety of options, making it easier to pick one that best meets their needs.  The second speaker was Bonnie Lupo, MS(ASCP)SBB, senior software specialist at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.  She gave a talk on key terminology and codes used in hospitals, labs, and blood banks, and how systems in these facilities interact with each other (interoperability).  Information technology consultant Robin Nozick, MT(ASCP), was the final speaker in the lineup.  She spoke about the importance of having a good quality assurance plan in place when implementing a system upgrade or new installation.  She emphasized that the key components to a solid quality assurance plan are the testing and validation of the new system.  We couldn’t agree more.* (Click here for AABB’s summary of this meeting session.)

Of course, the BC Solutions team was there for the biggest annual event dedicated to the blood banking community.  Rob Weatherford (Director of Sales), Kathy Patterson (Director of Validation Services), Dawn Hartshorn (Sr. Consultant), and Becky Mackel (Sr. Consultant) were all at our booth to meet and mingle with the other attendees.  We enjoyed visiting with a number of past and current clients like OneBlood, Inc., Northshore University Medical Center, Memorial Healthcare System, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, and Stanford Health Care.  We also got the chance to meet with our new friends at University of Arizona Medical Center (Bear Down!).  And we got to meet several international attendees too, from Canada, China, Colombia, India, Italy, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Ukraine.  But it wasn’t all socializing.  Kathy and Becky also attended the Mediware User Group meeting where they discussed upcoming enhancements for the next version of HCLL and LifeTrak.  Always good to stay up on the latest and greatest!

Buddy, BC Solutions’ newest team member, was also there.  He really made the rounds and lots of people were eager to get their picture taken with him.  Those who tweeted their pictures to @BCSolutionsAZ were entered into a contest to take a larger version of Buddy home. See the 2014AABB_Buddy_Pics here!

All in all, it was a great event, and we were very happy to be a part of it.  We are already looking forward to next year’s meeting in Anaheim, CA.  We will be there, Buddy will be there, and we would love to see you there, too.

*BC Solutions specializes in the unit testing, ISBT 128 testing, and blood bank validations, including installation qualification, operational qualification, and performance qualification.  We also do billing testing, MRT testing, and CAP testing.

Call Molly at (480)346-7011, or email her at info@bcsolutionsrfn.com for information on how BC Solutions can help give you a compliant, audit ready, and operationally safe system.

Project Partnership: Great Clients = Great Projects

working-togetherProjects, even relatively small ones, aren’t often easy. Communication, resources, scheduling, and information sharing are just a few of the things that can make or break a project, even when managed by seasoned professionals. A healthy project partnership will help make things less difficult. We are fortunate that we get to work with clients who really go the extra mile to make sure projects go as smoothly as possible.

We are currently wrapping up a blood bank validation, billing testing, and interface testing project for New York Blood Center (@NYBloodCenter). Shankar Rayannavar, the project manager for NYBC, was responsible for project management of this multi-pronged integration project for two separate facilities. Shankar was instrumental in opening lines of communication by organizing kick off calls with multiple project stakeholders, and he continued to work side by side with BC Solutions to facilitate movement on projects when communication with key resources was stalled. He has also been an active participant in the interface testing as an analyst, proving that you cannot underestimate the value of a team player. Thank you, Shankar and NYBC!

One of our recently completed OQ (operational qualification) blood bank validation and unit testing projects was with Sharp Healthcare (@SharpHealthcare). Alvin Conchas and Bernadette Pingao are the project managers we were happy to work with at Sharp. Their excellent and timely communication with BC Solutions and Sharp staff helped keep the project on task and ahead of schedule. Geri Bollman, Sandy Lonnecker and other blood bank managers were always ready to provide timely responses to our technical and clinical inquiries. Their expertise and teamwork added immeasurable value to the projects. It’s always great to have repeat clients like Sharp Healthcare!

Client Focus – Univ. of South Alabama Medical Center

It’s always great working with new organizations and the people in them. Here’s an excellent example…

We have been working on an implementation project with a new client, the University of South Alabama Medical Center. Lisa H. is our tactical point of contact there, and she has been absolutely fantastic to work with. She is a great communicator and not afraid to ask tough questions. Qualities that are always important to ensure a job done right!