Project Partnership: Great Clients = Great Projects

working-togetherProjects, even relatively small ones, aren’t often easy. Communication, resources, scheduling, and information sharing are just a few of the things that can make or break a project, even when managed by seasoned professionals. A healthy project partnership will help make things less difficult. We are fortunate that we get to work with clients who really go the extra mile to make sure projects go as smoothly as possible.

We are currently wrapping up a blood bank validation, billing testing, and interface testing project for New York Blood Center (@NYBloodCenter). Shankar Rayannavar, the project manager for NYBC, was responsible for project management of this multi-pronged integration project for two separate facilities. Shankar was instrumental in opening lines of communication by organizing kick off calls with multiple project stakeholders, and he continued to work side by side with BC Solutions to facilitate movement on projects when communication with key resources was stalled. He has also been an active participant in the interface testing as an analyst, proving that you cannot underestimate the value of a team player. Thank you, Shankar and NYBC!

One of our recently completed OQ (operational qualification) blood bank validation and unit testing projects was with Sharp Healthcare (@SharpHealthcare). Alvin Conchas and Bernadette Pingao are the project managers we were happy to work with at Sharp. Their excellent and timely communication with BC Solutions and Sharp staff helped keep the project on task and ahead of schedule. Geri Bollman, Sandy Lonnecker and other blood bank managers were always ready to provide timely responses to our technical and clinical inquiries. Their expertise and teamwork added immeasurable value to the projects. It’s always great to have repeat clients like Sharp Healthcare!

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