Trying to solve the puzzle of LIS Compliance? Learn the Steps to Achieve Compliance.

It is critical to properly implement Laboratory Information Systems not just from an information technology perspective but with a clear vision of creating a safe and compliant interaction with all other hospital systems.   To achieve that goal, the expertise of IT specialists must be complemented by the experience of clinical professionals.  This helps create a system that not only complies with the letter of the law, but also fulling integrates the Laboratory while improving patient safety, ordering, results, and billing.

BC Solutions has compiled and presented current regulations and recommendations by the agencies tasked with governing this section of the healthcare industry. The goal is to provide a roadmap that can be used by all levels of your implementation team, regardless of their level of laboratory or compliance experience.  This common understanding of who the stakeholders are, what governing bodies are involved, as well as what steps should be taken to achieve compliance can be the difference between having a fully integrated functioning system rather than a stand-alone software implementation.

Download our white paper, Understanding Laboratory Information Systems Compliance here:


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