BCS Blog Post - March 8, 2023

The Value of a 3rd Party Validation

Imagine this scenario... Your team spent months determining the best plan for the installation of your blood bank software, and you have painstakingly configured the system to match your facility’s unique workflows and processes. But before you cross the finish line, it must be validated.

THE BIG QUESTION: Who should be tasked with doing the job?

THE BEST ANSWER: A qualified, independent third party.

Hiring an independent third party to validate your blood bank software is beneficial for several reasons:


An independent third-party validation provides an objective assessment of your software, without any potential biases or conflicts of interest.


Third-party validation companies have specialized expertise in software validation and regulatory compliance and can provide a thorough assessment of your software against industry standards and regulations.


Independent third-party validation demonstrates to stakeholders, including regulators and patients, that your blood bank is committed to using software that meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

Increased Confidence

By having a thorough and independent assessment of your software, you can have increased confidence in its reliability and accuracy, which is critical for ensuring patient safety.

Overall, third-party validation provides an independent assessment of your software and helps to ensure that your blood bank meets regulatory requirements and provides high-quality, safe care to patients.

Read more about it in CAP Today.

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