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BC Solutions, LLC began as R.F. Nozick & Associates, incorporated in Arizona in 1996. The business was founded, owned, and operated by Robin Nozick. The core business of the company was to provide high value validation services for Blood Bank and Blood Donor Software Systems in hospitals and blood donor centers.

BC Solutions LLC was organized in Arizona in April 2005, and purchased the assets of R.F. Nozick & Associates Inc. in August 2005. The company has since expanded its services to include Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) integration testing, Map Record Testing (MRT) between LIS and Electronic Health Records (EHR), LIS data migration and validation, LIS consulting, and project management.

BC Solutions is committed to providing the highest quality consulting services to our clients by meeting or exceeding their requirements and those of industry regulatory agencies. This is achieved by continually improving quality, building relationships, and developing innovative ways to excel.


BC Solutions is committed to the highest quality standards in all that we do. We know that quality processes, people, and communication lead to the delivery of quality products and services. We develop quality processes and services that deliver value and enhance patient safety in clinical laboratories.


BC Solutions values customer, employee, family, and business relationships. We are committed to strong and lasting relationships that provide positive developments for our business and families. We allow our customers to leverage our expertise to enhance their delivery of products and services to their patients. Open communication, respect, trust, and confidentiality are core to our business.


BC Solutions aggressively pursues deliverables and customer satisfaction. We have the ability to use well-structured business processes to meet the ever-changing landscape of customer needs. BC Solutions knows that one solution does not fit all clients and we will structure solutions to meet specific client’s needs. Our experience and enthusiastic behavior allow us to meet our customer needs and resolve issues in a timely manner.


Our employees are at the heart of BC Solutions. They have made our company what it is today and their expertise, capabilities, and high level of engagement are always laying the foundation for our future success. We must continuously develop our employees to stay competitive and carry us forward. BC Solutions employees should actively seek out challenging assignments, take advantage of educational opportunities, and read professional publications or participate in forums to stay current on new developments related to their positions.

Today, and beyond...


We continue to look for ways to help clinical labs and blood banks by providing experienced resources for all of their LIS projects while still providing the same high quality service we started in 1996.



We officially changed our name to BC Solutions and continued our growth into all areas of LIS compliance.



BC Solutions purchased the assets of R.F. Nozick & Associates but continued doing business under the established Nozick name.



Our company was founded by Robin Nozick as R.F. Nozick & Associates, performing the highest quality OQ validations for blood banks and clinical laboratories.

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