Data Conversion and Validation

Data Conversion & Migration

When migrating patient and blood product history to a new information system, it’s important that no critical data gets left behind. Our experienced migration specialists can help extract historical data from the legacy database or create a new archive database. Additionally our specialists can help with the design and build of your new system’s infrastructure.

Working in products like Cerner Millennium PathNet, Mediware HCLL Client/Server, and Sunquest laboratory, we create translation tables to convert patient history and blood product history to your new target system while meeting the specific system design needs that you require.

Patient history conversions may include: Demographics, blood typing and general testing results, antibodies, antigens, problems, comments and transfusion requirements. Donor modules can also be included when necessary.

Blood product history conversions may include: Source and inventory details, product testing results, antibodies, antigens, product comments and transfusion history. Supplied and manufactured products can be exported along with their transaction and final disposition history. Auxiliary data streams can be created to maintain the relationships between pooled, derivative and original units.

The process of Data Conversion is customized to the needs of your facility. Please give us a call or send an email with the specifics of your project and we would be happy to provide a quote that provides just what you need for a successful transition.

Data Conversion Validation

Once the Migration of historical data is complete, our team of analysts will validate the integrity of data migrated from your current database to your new system database. Validation can be performed via remote access to both the legacy system and new database. A sampling plan is generated to include all of the data fields you have determined to require validation.

The sampling plan will include client selected “problem” records as well as randomly selected sample records. The record selection is designed to validate all critical translation data included in the migration.

Our analysts perform visual examination of the records. Pass/fail criteria are applied, and outlier resolution forms are generated as needed. Screen captures are taken as evidence of validation.

We take patient safety and privacy seriously. All of our analysts are HIPAA ePHI certified, and all reports (sample plan, list of records testing, results and outliers) are provided to you via secure file download.

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