Systems Integration Testing

Systems Integration Testing and Validation are performed by developing and executing test plans that ensure set-up is complete, and the interface is working as designed. This process ensures that the “bridge” between systems or devices is functioning as expected.

System testing such as unit testing (configuration testing), interface testing, and workflow testing are performed as pre-validation activities. The end user often perform edits or changes to the build if any unfavorable results are found to prepare the system for the final validation.

Examples of what we test include:

  • Blood Bank Instrument Interface Validation – Validation of data interfaces (bi-directional) between Blood Establishment Computer Systems and Blood Bank testing analyzers.
  • Donor System interfaces with transfusion services or testing laboratories.
  • Mapped Record Interface Testing – Verification of mapped codes from laboratory system(LIS) to other interfaced record keeping systems (EMR, HIS, Data Repository) to ensure like to like relationships exist between mapped codes and that mapped records/results are transferred across interface(s) as expected without corruption.
  • Billing Testing – Verification of billing codes across Interfaces between blood banks, laboratories, and hospital billing services.
  • Vendor devices such as:
  • HaemoBank & Blood Track Software
  • Hematrax Printer software
  • Ortho Provue
  • Bio-Rad Tango
  • Immucor Galileo & Galileo Echo
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