• Safety

    It's about the small things. The moving parts that have to work to ensure a smooth ride. Our blood bank validation provides proof your software is safe and ready for the road ahead.

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  • Matching

    It's one of the first thing we learn, and it still applies to the information passing between system and devices. Our testing team follows your data to make sure your results always match your expectations.

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  • Push

    It's the most important part of getting started. You have the skills, and the ability to get the job done, but that push from someone who has been there before can make all the difference. Talk to us about your LIS project, our experienced team is here to make sure you soar.

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  • Chain Reaction

    When one thing moves, it also moves the things around it. It's the same with data. Changing software systems means moving your patient history. We specialize in making sure everything arrives where you want it, and nothing gets lost.

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  • Fremont Health Medical Center (Fremont, NE)

    "The project was completed ahead of schedule and within our timeline. This is the second time in two years we have contracted with BC Solutions. Each time services were delivered efficiently and professionally. Thank you!“

    - Fremont Health Medical Center (Fremont, NE)
  • Lahey Hospital & Medical Center (Burlington, MA)

    "Thank you for doing a thorough job in a very tight time frame. Documentation was complete and easy to follow. We are very pleased with the service provided."

    - Lahey Hospital & Medical Center (Burlington, MA)
  • Parkview Health Laboratories (Fort Wayne, IN)

    "This made our upgrade validation so much easier."

    - Parkview Health Laboratories (Fort Wayne, IN)
  • Sharp Healthcare (San Diego, CA)

    "All validation & unit testing materials provided were appropriate with the needs of Sharp. BCS was prompt in completing the project and gave excellent customer service. Both Dawn and Kathy were attentive with our needs & communicated any issues that may impact the project."

    - Sharp Healthcare (San Diego, CA)